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Our Services

The chart below show you the process on how we work with you.

Service Flow Chart

Our Service Include:
  • We provide Friendly Professional immigration advise on your case and access your eligibility and discuss the pathways available for you.
  • Handle various Permanent and Temporary Visa Class
  • Customize immigration Pathways, strategy and procedure for your visa
  • Assist Business and Investor migration clients to navigate and introduces best advisors to assist in choosing projects to fulfill their Immigration criteria
  • Arrange international student to enroll in the best possible schools and on what are the best courses to take for a pathway to permanent visa.
  • Keep you up to date on your case situation
  • Assist with Skill Assessment, State Nomination
  • Assist clients in settlement by introducing our partners to help with setting up business and purchasing or renting home.
  • We lodge decision ready application to the Department of Immigration and Borders Protection

When you deciding on appointing us to act as your Migration Agent, We will provide you with our Fees and Services Agreement, Form 956 and upon signing the Document and Payment of Deposit to our clients Account, We will provide the Document checklist, and continue to guide your through the process and when documents are ready will lodge your decision ready application to DIBP.