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Why Migrate to Australia or New Zealand?


Australia and New Zealand are neighboring country and share similarity. They are both Democratic with freedom of speech and Multicultural society with true tolerance, unity and respect for each other culture. It is also considered as a land of opportunity for all and consider itself as a place where work life balance is important.

Here are some of the reasons why you should consider migrating to Australia or New Zealand.

  • Australia and New Zealand have strong economy, and there is a shortage of Skilled Workers. Opportunities are available to people who are skilled in their fields. A lot of companies seek skilled workers overseas on Temporary Visa then Statistics show that the majority of these workers, once settled, decide to stay on through the permanent employer sponsored visa options.

  • Due to the shortage of labour and strong regulation, everyone is offer a fair wage. For example, some trades occupations such as welders, joiners, bricklayers, electricians, carpenters and mechanics are earning the highest wages in the industry.

Australia and New Zealand Still have very strong Economy. And in 1997, World Economic Crisis, Australia was one of those few countries which was not very much affected and on top of everything else it has a very strong Democratic System

Australia and New Zealand Offer a good quality of life with Good work and family balance (Work Life Balance lifestyle) and laid-back lifestyle.

Australia has a high education standard and a lot of the students from around the world come here to develop and widen their education. It has one of the best education facilities compatible to many large renowned international universities.

Australia can be consider a low Pollution country, due to low population and high consciousness of our environment. So we have clean fresh air and clear blue  sky

  • – Australia and New Zealand can be considered one of the safest countries to live in with very low crime rates and efficient Police force. Australia Cities have been ranked amount the most liveable cities in the World because of its environment and safety for family.

Clean safe grown fresh produce. In addition there are wonderful diversify restaurants, wineries and markets to enjoy.

Therefore, if you are thinking of migrating to Australia or New Zealand, let First Choice Visa Licensed Immigration Agent help you through this life changing, stressful transition less stressful.