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Partner Visa

Australia offers various options for its Citizen, Permanent Residents (PR) and even eligible New Zealand Citizen to sponsor their overseas partners to join them in Australia. These option various depending on your circumstances.  

Prospective Marriage Visa Subclass 300

Temporary visa for applicant outside Australia who have physically met their prospective spouse and intent to marry within 9 months from the time of visa grant and then move to permanent. But if you do not marry within 9 months you would be in breach of the visa condition and only can stay if apply for other visa.
  • Physically met the sponsor
  • Must be 18 years of age
  • Intent to live together in a genuine relationship
  • Members of family unit can be included in the application
Sponsoring partner should not have sponsored another partner in the last 5 years.  


  • May Leave and re-enter Australia as many times as they like within the visa Period ( 9 Months)
  • Can work in Australia
  • Can Study but not have access to government Funding
  • Can apply for Medicare only if in Australia

Partner or De-facto Partner Visa

If you are married or have been in a de facto relationship for at least 12 months and would like to join your spouse or de facto partner in Australia whether onshore or offshore application we can assist. This is a two stage visa process and a temporary visa is granted for two years and if after two years the relationship is ongoing the permanent visa is granted without making further application.

Some of the Criteria to fulfil:

  • Australian Spouse is¬†willing to sponsor overseas spouse to join them in Australia.
  • Married overseas or in a de-facto relationship for at least 12 months
  • Mutual commitment to share life to the exclusion of all others
  • The relationship between them is genuine and continue
  • Live together or do not live separately and apart on a permanent basis
  • Not related by family
  • Meet health and character requirement



  • The applicant can stay in Australia with their Partner
  • Work and Study in Australia
  • Enrol in Medical Benefit ( Medicare) and Etc.

If you would like to know more about your eligibility for which category of Partner Visa, Please Fill up our Assessment Form below and We will contact you shortly, to help you further evaluate your eligibility.